Steer Head Oyster Shell


Here at Elliot Rhodes we are always trying to experiment with new materials and textures in an effort to push buckle design into new territory. Hence the introduction of this new collection of shell encrusted buckles. Each one of these is made entirely by hand with the shell being inlayed by hand, either in complete pieces or with multiple tiny fragments, with great care and precision. This particular style has been made with a cracked texture Pearl Oyster Shell with its wonderful beige/brown tones and rugged surface texture. The shell has been rapped around the buckle edges to act as a backdrop to the ornate steer head design that sits proudly in the centre. It makes for a stunning buckle that makes a real statement - it is wonderfully natural and original with no two pieces ever being alike! This buckle can of course be worn casually with denim for a bit of a rock n roll feel but I could equally see this worn for a smarter casual occasion on a belt with a little sheen that will make a very stylish statement. Browns, Tans and Earthy tones will be natural partners but Navy and Black will always work well too. A very special buckle that makes a real statement!