Smooth Supple Unlined



There are times when you want to have a belt that is simple, casual yet at the same time elegant. You like the idea of the suppleness of an unlined leather belt but would like to keep an element of sophistication to it too. If this is the case we have recently introduced this new smooth vegetable tanned leather with just a hint of sheen that should fit the bill perfectly. It is a little less thick than other of our unlined belts, making it extra soft and pliable and also a little less heavy around the waist. The finish with its slight gloss smartens it up making it a belt suitable for almost all but the most formal of occasions. The browns, tans and greys benefit from some tonality - when manipulated you will get a nice tonal 'pull up' effect that really shows off the quality and character of this leather. You can add anything from a classic buckle to something more contemporary or flamboyant, this belt will be a great backdrop for all. A perfect investment piece you will turn to time and again.