Python Skin Strap


The best thing about belt made from genuine python skin is the sheer vibrancy and depth of colour and the way the patterns interact with the natural skin design. This particular belt strap has been made from a larger python skin so the scales are in parts little larger and more evident. If you are looking for a belt that is truly eye-catching then look no further than this roccia (grey/white/brown) toned Python belt with its distinctive gold flecked panels. The natural colouring acts as a great base which is supremely versatile, but the gold layers really bring this belt to life and make it something special. When it comes to your buckle choice you can go simple to keep all of the focus on the belt strap but you can also go to town and pair it up with something more fun and extravagant. In terms of buckle finish any sort of gold finish would be a natural partner but gunmetal will also look good and work with the dark tones in the skin. ** Please note that this product cannot be shipped to California. - Please contact us for further information if necessary **