Natural Horn Buckle


The texture and feel of Buffalo Horn is unique - it is both tactile, sensual and its diversity of tones subtle and intriguing. If you want a buckle that will really turn heads, then this natural buffalo horn buckle is perfect for the job. Made out of genuine Indian buffalo horn, this beautifully natural buckle with its mix of tones, polished surface and elegant metal frame is the perfect way to create a natural earthy feeling belt combination. The polished surface and slimline frame make this buckle pretty versatile - you can wear it casually of course but in darker horn tones particularly it will also work for smarter occasions. *Please note that the photo is representative of colour only - all horn products are natural and colour shades, patterns and variations are part of the natural charm of this type of product - please get in touch if you would like to see the exact buckle we have available*