I Speak Fluent French Vegan Never Ending Tote



The Never Ending Tote is a true embodiment of luxury and style, designed for the modern woman who appreciates practicality with a hint of French flair. Adorning its exterior is the fabulous phrase "I speak Fluent French. Hermes. Chanel. Dior. Saint Laurent." paying homage to the esteemed French fashion houses that inspire us all.

Crafted from sumptuous Vegan leather, this oversized tote exudes sophistication, drawing inspiration from the renowned Louis Vuitton Epi Leather texture. Despite its ample size, the Never Ending Tote remains sleek and streamlined, ensuring it's not too bulky for everyday wear.

Practicality meets versatility with the inclusion of a removable interior zip pocket, seamlessly transforming into a chic clutch for those on-the-go moments. Additionally, the tote features a 22” crossbody strap adorned with finely crafted gold clasps and loops, allowing for effortless crossbody carry whenever convenience calls!

Dimensions: 14” W x 14” H x 7.2" D