Bronze Sculpted Steer Head


All the way back in 2009 we had a fortuitous meeting with sculptress Marcela Ganly whose body of work focuses predominantly on the animal world. However, our mutual passion for belts inspired us to try and adapt her wonderful sculpting skills and our design experience to suit the rather smaller format of a belt buckle. Several months and many trips to the foundry later we came up with our first collection of Bronze, Alpaca (German Silver) & Silver Plated buckles, each one limited edition, signed and numbered. These buckles are hand cast using the traditional lost wax technique and hand finished – so no two buckles will ever look or be quite the same. This particular 'Steer' buckle is from our second collection, hard not to be absorbed by the detail and movement in his face - you can almost feel him breathing. This version is made in bronze, retaining all of the natural characteristics of the material and will be the most wonderful addition to your belt collection. You can pair it with almost any leather from classic unlined styles if you want to make it more casual, to something more detailed or textured if you want to make more of a statement piece for smarter casual or eveningwear. Clearly a great buckle to express your inner cowboy!** Please note that these buckles are hand cast from wax and hand finished - no two buckles will ever look or be quite the same so please understand that there will likely be colour/patina variances from the image shown