Belafonte Strap



The Belafonte design (Named after the legendary 'Calypso King' himself) brings a fluid swirl like flow to the belt with waves of dadino textured leather overlaid onto a smoother cordovan leather surface. We created a new tip shape that is a little sharper and more contemporary and lends itself well to the swirl design at the tip. To top it all off the leather is hand burnished to reveal both darker and lighter tones in the belt (you won't see this in the black version) for a supreme hand finished look. The resulting belt is one that is crisp and innovative, showing lovely hand workmanship and real attention to detail. For us the design itself is strong enough that your resulting buckle choice would be best erring towards low key - a classic prong style with a little weight to it would be perfect. This is a belt that could be worn casually but will be especially good with smarter casual wear/evening wear for a sleek contemporary look that will really show how much of a belt connoisseur you are.